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November/December 2003, Pages 92-93

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SORABJI Piano music and transcriptions - Habermann - BIS CD-1306

By Paul Rapoport

Michael Habermann's first CD of the music of Sorabji on a major label is a set of transcriptions/paraphrases/elaborations whose effect may not be obvious but whose originality, difficulty, and value are as significant as his huge works. The second "Pastiche" on the Minute Waltz is quite different from the better-known one; but the major discovery, I agree with Habermann, is the Passeggiata veneziana, a splendidly inventive work. Most of the six pieces here are recorded premieres.

As I wrote this, Sorabji's one hundred eleventh birthday loomed (he died in 1988). If only all this had happened 50 years ago.

Copyright ©2003 by Paul Rapoport, all rights reserved.
Reprinted by permission