If Dr. Habermann were in Japan he would be designated a "living national treasure." (Dec. 13-17, 1999: Beethoven Piano Sonatas - A Survey)

March 3-6, 2008

  • Michael is by far the most exciting and gifted pianist and teacher we've ever had, which is why we've taken 3 courses with him (this same course twice). Since it is impossible to cover 32 sonatas in one week, would this be presented as a 2 courses - Sonatas 1-16 and Sonatas 17-32? This would allow for more CD's and Michael's playing of whole movements on the piano.

  • A fascinating course with much insight. I suggest the course be expanded: 4-5 days of two parts each; part 1 #1-16 and part 2 #17-32. There's too much material to be covered in one week.

  • Michael is a treasure! His presentation is something to be saved and archived. In this regard his course should be videotape LIVE in its entirety and carefully edited. It should be made available for public TV, etc.

  • Excellent, Enthusiastic, Inspiring. Very good detail in discussing and reviewing sonatas. This was an A+ class. Should series of 3 classes in one day. This is so worthwhile and makes Beethoven come alive and be VERY exciting.

October 15-19, 2007

  • Teacher very knowledgeable and entertaining. Would repeat this.

  • I've enjoyed learning about these wizards especially through Dr. Habermann's witty and fun guidance.

  • Great personality.

  • Wonderfully irreverent style. Coming from a working pianist, with examples of points made, everything fell in place.

  • Good use of tapes as examples of the points he made.

  • Enjoyed immensely.

  • Good contents about various piano virtuosos from beginning use of instrument to present.

  • Very good.

August 20-24, 2007

  • Fabulous! I look forward to attending all his classes. Dr. Habermann's course should be filmed. It will be considered as good as Bernstein's "Intro to the Orchestra." Now, I clearly understand the sonata form and will listen to my Beethoven CDs with greater enjoyment. His charm, knowledge and ability to convey his love of these works and convert anyone to a classical music lover is a given.

  • The best yet - witty, intelligent and funny.

  • His teaching method is unique, uplifting and inspiring and whimsical. Superb pianist. Great analysis of the Sonatas.

  • Mr. Habermann is an excellent teacher; cannot wait to get home and listen to the sonatas with a new understanding of the music. He is also hilarious and we had a lot of fun.

  • Rare indeed to have as knowledgeable and as entertaining an instructor as Mr. Habermann. The class was a joy!

  • Professor Habermann is a wonderful, witty lecturer.

  • Excellent presenter - superb knowledge and very entertaining presentation.

  • The instructor was able to amuse class while at the same time discuss Beethoven's complex composition and the (impulsive) improvisations found in Ludwig's piano sonatas.

  • Very interesting; knowledge gained by a very fascinating presentation with magnificent piano playing. I have a lot to learn.

  • Very complete. Instructor was very entertaining.

  • Michael was very entertaining and informative as well.

  • Entertaining and highly talented instructor.

  • He shows his affection and joy in the music through great humor. The material was a bit over my head, but I learned a great deal and enjoyed it.

  • Very witty - brought a humorous and light touch to technical material.

  • Great sense of humor made his presentation very enjoyable.

  • Dr. Habermann was extremely amusing and demonstrated his outstanding ability to play piano. It was a great deal to cover all the sonatas.

April 16-19, 2007

  • Excellent - and Mr. Habermann added a touch of humor that was terrific and his piano playing was wonderful. His handout was also excellent.

  • Most enjoyable.

  • We shall certainly be back for more!!

  • I learned alot about Beethoven that I never knew before. Very enjoyable.

  • I like humor and dishevelment - reminds me of my husband - but Beethoven is alive and well.

  • Played illustrative excerpts very well and was able to present material in an enjoyable and humorous way.

  • This is our second course with Dr. Habermann and with each my amazement grows. He demonstrates the intricacies in the sonatas with whimsy and brilliance. I love him.

  • Music was beautifully demonstrated at the piano by the instructor. The 32 sonatas were perhaps too much material for this short course.

  • I will listen to Beethoven Sonatas in the future with a different ear.

February 5-8, 2007

  • Preparation great because his understanding of music is so vast. His manner seems disorganized, but it does not deter his effectiveness. I acquired much insight into performance styles and acquired some confidence in my own selections of recordings. A delightful man!

  • An interesting course. I would usually evaluate an interpretation on the quality of the recording rather than the merits/style of performance.

  • Great interaction, fine preparation, interesting delivery.

  • Delightful!!

  • Dr. Habermann made me see that the best style of piano playing may not be the one most faithful to the score.

  • Michael is a bit disorganized sometimes, but he provides lots of good information while keeping his sense of humor.

  • Many examples of interpretation presented. Instructor had good sense of humor.

  • We'll look for other courses by Michael Habermann.

  • So personable and delightful. He is great fun and very interesting on his topics. I will look for more of his courses.

Sept. 11-15, 2006

  • A genius and a wizard at the piano.
  • Mr. Habermann is another Victor Borge. He is pleasant and humorous - marvelous pianist. Lots of print material and some music.
  • Superior on all levels - head and shoulders above everyone. Actually played different piano styles to demonstrate techniques!
  • Love his passion for his subject. What a wonderful sense of humor! Sonatas were never my favorite Beethoven works, but he brought a great deal more emotion to them. He made them come alive.
  • Fun with a frenetic brilliant instructor who is a wanabe rogue.
  • Super talented and very likeable.
  • Great sense of humor and excellent presentation of subject matter - superb pianist. Enthusiastic and apparently loves his subject. Dynamism contagious.
  • Learned new details about Beethoven and his composing. Teacher witty.
  • He made the course "fun". We enjoyed being in the class.
  • What a delightful man. A brilliant absent-minded professor. His piano playing, with insightful comments, made this a wonderful examination of the Sonatas.
  • Delightful presentation and performance. Reallly worth listening to when he is well organized.
  • I felt this was meant for pianists. More technical than I was able to comprehend but a delightful teacher.
  • The instructor is an excellent pianist. Emphasis placed on Beethoven's emotional excesses as his hearing failed.
  • Very good & interesting. Good personal touch. Learned much from him.
August 9-12, 2006

  • Michael has delightful teaching skills and style. Traced the evolution of keyboard music from Frescobaldi to the 21st century. An enjoyable way to hear and learn how solo piano evolved!
  • Ability to combine lecturing with "instrument playing" and recorded music - done seamlessly - was a treat.
  • Michael did a very good job of explaining the wonders of the keyboard - A bit too technical for me, but enjoyable classes.
  • He helped me hear and appreciate Liszt in a new way.
  • The course was well planned. I learned much that will increase my appreciation of piano works and performance.
  • Better than expected. I liked the historical approach which I had not expected.
  • Keyboard effects now more understood.
June 12-16, 2006
Romantic Piano Music

  • Victor Borge + Mr. Rogers.
  • Incredible knowledge of piano music and insights into various composers. Brilliant pianist himself. Could convey different styles and techniques by playing them. Fantastic. Great sense of humor. I loved his class! I learned more about piano this week than I ever thought possible.
  • Amazing sightreading ability. Fascinating insight on the literature.
  • He manages to insert humor into a complex subject.
  • Endearing manner, joy of music, knowledgeable in subject, proficient in piano for illustrations. He provided demonstrations of every idea presented in understandable segments.
  • Delightful, informative and entertaining. Appreciated his enthusiasm, the opportunity to interact with a composer. Very creative person!
  • Delightful sense of humor - made learning a joy.
  • Thoroughly enjoyed Dr. Habermann's delivery style. His humorous approach to the subject made the course! The analogies will be remembered!
  • Besides being knowlegeable, he was "lovable", adding a dash of humor.
  • Mr. Habermann is a most engaging instructor.
  • Wonderful performer, funny.
  • Wonderfully 'puckish' sense of humor - great interactions with the class. Multiple piano illustrations most illuminating. Learned a lot about the connections between different composers.
  • The Habermann sense of humor added a great deal to his presentation. Enjoyed all his classes. Learned a great deal.
  • Most engaging - very knowledgeable - and informative. He had so much to share with us that he wanted to teach us, with delightful wit and humor.
  • Knows the literature exceptionally well. Wonderful sense of humor.
  • Very talented.
  • Delightfully presented.
  • Interesting information passed on good-humoredly.
February 28-March 3, 2005

  • Beethoven's son. Entertaining. Very talented. Knew his sonatas.
  • Habermann is an extraordinary teacher. If there is any problem it might be to been given too much information.
  • A truly pedagogic genius for me! So much to cover, though. Very inspirational, which is so important in teaching.
  • Double Excellence - I learned so much from him - Very interesting.
  • Mr. Habermann seems to live and breathe music. His enthusiasm is catching.
  • An after lunch instructor with zing! To really keep us wide awake! A very accomplished pianist with a delightful sense of humor!
  • A delight! Rapid fire presentations loaded with humor and stories. He illustrated his teaching with his own playing ability - which was considerable. Time in his class passed by all too quickly.
  • An extraordinary teacher.
  • Mike might want to slow down a bit for the `old folks'. however, his was the most 'entertaining' of the 3 classes and his course materials (handouts) the most comprehensive. I'm moved to try to play again. Will let you know if I do.
  • His teaching style is one that draws the student in and makes one as excited about the suject as he is. I learned a lot about Beethoven and the Sonatas, but I will never forget Dr. Habermann.
  • Brilliant, delightful, droll humor, great.
  • Energetic and enthusiastic teacher - enjoyed his class.
  • Gave very good demonstrations of musical terms.
November 8-11, 2004

  • Delightful experience - opened my eyes a lot.

  • Had good material to present.

  • Interesting course - different. He stayed the course despite a terrible cold he sustained.

  • Had extraordinary knowledge of subject. Combined his playing with recordings.

  • Gave us an interesting course. Lots to think about.

  • Raised wonderful questions, led us to think about broad questions. Not necessarily answers - good handout for us to contemplate.

  • Exposed us to all styles and ages of music dating back from early times to modern day. Good variety! Most enjoyable!!

  • Excellent instructor too. Learned a lot from his teaching. He tries very hard (and does great) to do a good job of teaching us; and is very open and accessible to questions and giving us good answers. Very friendly and kind. Very nice person.

March 15-18, 2004

  • Mike may be a one-of-a-kind brilliant commentator on listening to music. Wish I could have heard even more of his own piano playing. I look forward to his 32 Piano Sonatas and anything he teaches.

  • I actually learned more in this class - Habermann used wonderful recorded illustrations to show the different styles.

  • Michael showed how surprisingly varied the piano in comparative performances could be. He made good use of the "chalkboard" to illustrate the different approaches to the examples of music chosen by pianists of different temperaments.

  • A fascinating and useful concept underlies the course and we heard rare recordings which brought important questions into focus. All of the piano demonstrations helped. We would have welcomed more. Course offered a deeper perspective on how to hear and evaluate recorded performances.

  • Comparisons and contrasts - all to the point - with fine explanations and illustrations from various time periods.

November 3-7, 2003

  • Challenged us to evaluate styles of pianists, composers. Made us think, listen more attentively to discern variations, additions, subtractions to original text.

  • Excellent presentation; his expertise shines through; I could listen to him until dinner!

  • This gave me a new way of looking at piano interpretation. I always thought you HAD to play the piece as written only - but now have a whole list of things to listen for and consider.

  • Excellent instructor. Great attitude and personality. Works very hard and nicely to express his thoughts for us to learn. Very likeable. Also great knowledge of subject.

  • Your selection of music was excellent. Thank you for sharing your wealth of music knowledge.

  • Excellent course. Discussed different performances and gave good interpretations of style and presentation in an easy to comprehend manner, knowlegeable and enjoyable.

September 29 - October 3, 2003

  • This is a true music appreciation course. Bravo!

  • Tremendous talent. Beautifully organized.

  • Wonderful!

  • Very thorough, very amusing in presentation - made the time fly.

  • Yet another top notch instructor but with a different approach, which may not appeal to everyone, but for me I enjoyed this class immensely and learned a lot about the history of keyboard musicians.

  • Mr. Habermann has a complete command of his subject. Is very witty & fun.

  • Looked and acted like the title; broadening of information of periods and styles.

  • I thoroughly enjoyed his informal, witty style which made learning easy and fun.

  • A likeable teacher. Great Sense of Humor.

April 21-25, 2003

  • Enjoyed his expertise, his laid-back approach to his subject and his wonderful sense of humor.

  • His intensity, passion and obvious familiarity with his subject were almost overwhelming - a great, great mind - original.

  • Different styles are interesting and Michael is full of info - great sense of humor - would like to take another of his courses.

  • Knowledge, Humor, Delivery outstanding.

March 3-7, 2003

  • Bravo, Bravo, Bravo to Michael Habermann - What a wonderful presentation. He made the music come alive - I would come back for him alone.

  • Bravo. Michael covered so much material in 4 days. The extent of his knowledge is staggering. His class was so upbeat and humorous you come away feeling very uplifted. He has astounding musical ability at the piano. It was fantastic.

  • Outstanding! Another Peter Schickele - only better. Memorable and enjoyable teaching techniques. A real passion for music. Loved his on-going conversation with Beethoven.

  • Wonderful teacher with sense of humor. Marvelous pianist. Technical for a novice but presentation is such that even a novice can gain knowledge.

  • A brilliant man, musically, Dr. Habermann's presentation, enhanced by his delightful personality made this course the hi-lite of the entire week. He played Beethoven's Sonatas expertly and his explanations were directed to us - not spoken down to us. We all loved him!

  • A congenial, lively, gifted teacher.

  • WOW, Dr. Habermann is dynamic and extremely knowledgeable. This program taught me much about composition, and the reasons why I love this music.

  • Great teacher.

  • My 4th Elderhostel at Peabody. Outstanding week -- Perhaps the best visit yet. These 3 teachers are invaluable assets to Peabody. Cannot praise them enough.

  • Very entertaining and knowledgeable presentation. Excellent piano playing.

  • Very well well prepared and thorough. Very enjoyable class.

  • His approach is unique and entertaining. I would like to take another course with Dr. Habermann.

  • Michael is a marvelously funny and gifted teacher! The course was just the right mix of technical and listening information. I loved learning that he was a "rebel" something I immediately passed on to my 19 and 21 year old sons!

  • Presented with good humor and enthusiasm.

  • Incredible dedicated professors who deliver wonderful insights into their disciplines -- Habermann, especially with his humor ...

  • He is an excellent teacher -- good sense of humor -- One of the best! His love of music is contagious!

  • His enthusiasm and vigor and humor made this a lively course.

  • Thought all the instructors were excellent, but Habermann tops.

  • He made his material so interesting that I do think I learned something.

December 2-6, 2002

  • Probably the best teacher that I've ever had. Very well prepared; sense of humor was much appreciated. Well organized. A joy to hear. No one else in my graduate school and undergrad education has come close.

  • Unique.

  • An on-the-edge guy! We learned alot while having great laughs. I would love to have him as a teacher.

  • It was fun to start the day out with "Great Pianists". Michael has a very good rapport with his students, expert knowledge to share and his love of this music is very evident. I would be pleased to have had a child of mine as his student. It would have been nice to hear Michael play the piano.

  • Dr. Habermann presents a great deal of information in a lively and entertaining manner. I loved every minute! Great fun and I learned about pianists I've never heard of.

  • He certainly knows the subject matter and passed it on to us in a very light-hearted, irreverant way that made learning a "fun" experience. I feel I went to the recitals with a greater appreciation of the technical skills invovled and watching the videos fo the great pianists.

  • An experience rich with information and ideas. Wonderful teacher with wit and enthusiasm.

  • He did a phenomenal job! His humor added immensely to the content of the course.

  • Class was alive with humor.

  • I liked the teacher's attitude. It was light and humorous. No stress, making learning fun and easy.

  • Sense of the freedom/liberties performers could take. While to a non-pianist all sounds incredible, the technique of some is stunning! Schnabel's trill that disappear yet can still be heard, etc. Liked the comparative session.

  • Very knowledgeable and amusing. I obtained great insight to great pianists.

  • Michael has a great sense of humor in addition to his excellent knowledge of the subject.

  • Enjoyed the humor and approach to subject.

  • Instructor's light, humorous touch made the course enjoyable. The content was inspirational!

  • Wonderful sense of humor with a realistic (demystifying) approach to music and great artists.

  • Pixiest quality of instructor added to enjoyment of the course.

  • Highly enjoyable presentation.

  • Very stimulating interesting class.

  • Enjoyed the class.

  • Knowledgeable, witty and entertaining, but assumes that we know more than we do (I do).

  • Good instruction. Well prepared.

  • Did a great job and was extremely knowledgeable.

  • I have a better sense of what makes a great pianist. I rather doubt I'd be discerning enough to make these distinctions on my own, but it was a very interesting course.
September 30 - October 4, 2002

  • What can you say of someone who brings such information and enjoyment to a group? Really an extraordinary experience!!

  • Started slow but wound up like a ball of fire.

  • I really loved this course, and am amazed at the depth of his knowledge. He is funny and serious -- his pupils must love him! I would love to hear more about jazz from him.

  • Excellent! Passion for the subject was contagious. Learned a lot, enjoyed his sense of humor. Michael Habermann gave a dazzling recital for us -- I shall never forget his genius.

  • Wide ranging presentation was interesting. Wizards as presented gave good feeling for virtuosos but freak innovators have less interest for my taste. Very very knowledgeable, terrific recital, pleasant manner.

  • Dr. Habermann is also a wizard both in knowledge and in playing the piano. How fortunate we were to hear his recital!!!

  • Great pianist -- expert in his field, good sense of humor -- good examples -- terrific recital.

  • Piano recital Thursday, P.M. was spectacular! Thank you!

  • Well prepared, interesting -- very talented -- excellent knowledge of material. The concert by Dr. Michael Habermann on Thursday Oct 3 was phenomenal.

  • Has the most knowledge. Worked his way up chronologically with exceptional ability. The more modern pieces were hard to listen to but vital in understanding the evolution to 2002. You may not like to listen to today's music but you came away with the knowledge as to how it evolved.

  • A teacher with a depth of knowledge who was very happy to share it all with his students; gave of himself; a total pleasure to learn with a person like him.

  • A very broad historical perspective of piano virtuosi. Especially appreciate throwing in explaining the experimentalists -- all the way to jazz. Great! Michael Habermann's concert was a real treat!

  • A pleasant relaxed communicator of enormous scholarship. Amicably accessible for questioning. And quite by chance we had the great pleasure of his virtuoso performance in the evening of 10/3/02. Extremely modest in manner.

  • Superb presentation. Well organized learning and appreciation of changes in musical style over the years (Baroque to Modern). Michael's recital was Carnegie Hall quality!

  • Very good -- very knowledgeable in a wide area of the musical repertoire.

  • Great survey of virtuosity, including Michael!

  • Course very interesting and very well presented.

  • A+

  • His presentations were excellent.

  • Excellent presentation.

  • Good instructor and very good examples of music. Enjoyed his piano playing. Great recital at end. We were fortunate to have a virtuoso to lecture our group.

  • A wonderful musician.

  • Dr. H. is a great musician and a brilliant teacher.
July15-19, 2002

  • A light hearted, encyclopedic presentation.

  • Excellent handout material - knows his subject.

  • Excellent knowledge.

June 16-21, 2002

  • Michael is terrific!! What a sense of humor! Plus it brought back many things I'd forgotten after taking Harmony Courses etc. -- Maybe I'll go back and study again.

  • What Michael may have lacked in tight organization he made up for with sheer talent, a wealth of musical anecdotes and sheer genius/talent on the piano! He charmed us with his charming excentricity! An ideal Elderhostel instructor for elders with music background and knowledge.

  • A very splendid presentation of materials; lots of fun and congeniality made it a great joy. We all enjoyed it enormously for the amoung of information and joy with which it was given.

  • Fun, educational, informative. Exceeded expectations. Learned why each was a virtuoso. Michael has so much knowledge and wisdom to share. The content was tremendous and righton!

  • Very good -- recordings plus his own demonstrations were comprehensive. Enjoyed his teaching style.

  • Only good things and outstanding pianist.

  • Intelligent, creative instructor, makes the difficult easier.

  • He presented a very complicated comparative course. He has a wonderful intellect and sense of humor.

  • This guy is a delight. Knows his subject and is a skilled pianist. Has a wonderful with and sense of humor.

  • Very knowledgeable, amusing, interesting.

  • Knows his material.

May 5-10, 2002

  • Think it might be a life's work to come close to catching up with what Michael knows about keyboard or music! Great fun to get a peek at some of his judgements. Enjoyed his essential irreverence.

  • He was fantastic. I would take another course from him in a minute. Was his absent-mindedness real or a facade? Either way, he knew more about the subject matter.

  • Started out as the absent minded professor (so it seemed), but ended in a blaze of glory. Loved the course.

  • Humorous and well informed.

  • Instructor is very knowledgeable.

  • From Couperin to Modern French composers. Very interesting.

  • Very knowlegeable instructor. Real sense of humor. Excellent content.

  • Sense of humor that adapts readily to some obscure music - very enjoyable experience.

  • Fun class. Instructor was wonderful, enthusiastic and knowledgeable.

  • Enjoyed very much. Presentation was more casual and easy going, but also very satisfying.

  • Great breadth of knowledge and a great pianist.

  • Initially comes across as a `caricature' of absent minded professor. But turns out to be "scholarly".

  • The instructor tried to make the course interesting and did succeed.

  • Professor Habermann had a droll sense of humor which I liked.

  • Totally different presentation but very interesting and instructive.

  • A different drummer that took some time to understand. His smile and humor carries the day. He is so bright and was able to encompass a huge scale of time in really on 4 lectures.

  • I found this delightful, refreshing, complete and learned so much from Michael's unique approach. I enjoyed his humor, his honesty and his talent.

  • Dr. Habermann is a charming man with a subtle sense of humor.

April 8-12, 2002

  • Another perfect match: Dr. H. was every bit as dedicated and passionate about his subject as Beethoven was himself. The course was a tour de force. Dr. H is brilliant and gave so much that one had to work to keep up with him, but that in itself was immensely stimulating. Sonatas familiar to me for years became newly exciting, opened up to new perceptions and meanings. I don't expect ever to hear one again in the future without being reminded of Dr. H. -- he is truly a remarkable teacher.

  • A musician's musician; great capacity to illustrate using the piano; Also wry humor; quirky and fun.

  • What a piano player -- Wow! Very good analysis of these sonatas. I'm going to buy some CD's.

  • This instructor has an amazing store of knowledge and information and amazing performance ability -- his playing felt like a concert and his teaching like a real college course.

  • Intense and exciting. Very ambitious. His terrific playing really enhanced the material he presented. A really impressive and very fine teacher.

  • He accomplished the purpose of making me want to go home and listen to these complete works. Knows his stuff.

  • Modest guy but tremendously talented. Fabulous piano. Nice sense of humor too.

  • Wow! This man was determined to give us a lot of material in just 4 sessions. That is 8 sonatas per session. I am glad to have had 32 sonatas introduced to me. I will be listening for artists to make them musical.

  • Enjoyed piano illustrations.

  • Enjoyed it and learned a lot.

  • Very quick, sharp sense of humor -- knows his subject well -- anxious to convey to class -- responsive to questions.

  • Complete survey and Beethoven's innovations in the 32 Sonatas that were presented.

  • Great sense of humor.

  • Very good instructor.

  • Very knowledgeable.

  • Showed great knowledge -- also interesting -- and demonstrated with his fine piano playing.

  • Dr. Habermann -- very talented professor.

  • Thoroughly enjoyed his piano playing and sense of humor.

  • A very good survey course -- well prepared and presented.

  • Hard to cover 32 sonatas in 7 hours! But he did! Went into depth where necessary.

  • Well prepared -- very knowledgeable instructor.

  • Also very good materials and presentation. Used the board, piano and tapes to explain the materials. Appreciated his comparisons and specialness of Beethoven.

  • Teacher enthusiastic and penetrating.
January 5-11, 2002

  • Entertaining, musically erudite, informative, all continue to make the music accessible - as always. Wonderful to hear him concertize.

  • Outstanding - in every respect.

  • He is absolutely priceless - as a teacher and musician, his knowledge, skill as a pianist and instruction in class are without peer - as was his recital. I would sign up for any class that he teaches, even if the music was not my favorite.

  • This was the best course I have ever had at an Elderhostel!!! Nothing further need be said - except I would have liked five sessions instead of the four.

  • A great class! Michael, for all his quirks (!) cares so much for the music - and Beethoven's genius that it is infectous.

  • A wonderful survey of all 32 Sonatas. Great and useful handouts. Michael has a wonderful sense of humor and encyclopedic knowledge to make comparisons with other composers and their styles.

  • What a musician! Such a treat. Handouts were marvelous. I would come back to hear him again.

  • A marvelous pianist! Presents Beethoven's creativity and innovations extremely well and clearly.

  • Also well organized, knowlegeable, fun.

  • Amazing instructor. Super teacher.

  • Very good program. Mr. Habermann is great.

  • Superb pianist. Entertaining presenter. Communicated knowledge with unique style. Would take his courses again.
November 25-20, 2001

  • Michael was a delight - so knowledgeable and colorful!

  • Fascinating course - excellent comments by Michael. The music was very "interesting" - i.e. it ranged from marvelous to atrocious. Lots of fun!

  • Original, appealing way of presenting the material and recordings.

  • Interesting approach. Handouts would have been useful.

  • Habermann made his points well.

  • Instructor was organized in his presentation but disorganized in his manner which added to the humor of the class. Interesting subject matter and lots of laughts. No handouts. Perhaps too many works were touched on. Probably enough material for 2 separate courses.

  • Habermann's comments always welcomed with this potpourri of piano wizardry and wizardry works. The noisy "modern" pieces featured at the last session were hard on the ears! Some alternative including more jazz examples would have been appreciated.

  • Fun - informative - at times a little disorganized but oh so knowledgeable - entertaining prof.

  • The best of the lot. He not only teaches but makes us laugh! What else does he teach? I'll take anything with his name. Give him a raise!

  • A witty insightful musician and lecturer who strode to his theme and illustrated clearly the different types of virtuosity that can be seen in piano literature and performance.

  • Entertaining and knowledgeable.

  • This course was surely TOPS both chronologically and in the variety of what can be called music! It was most interesting to music I don't frequently listen to (some of the early ones) - as well as those I now know to avoid! But Thursday was fun and might possibly make me a little more tolerant (???) Really enjoyed Michael's sense of humor, and his broad knowledge and piano technique.
August 13-17, 2001

  • Michael has more than a touch of genius! He is a delight and the highlight of the week. Topic is original in conception and always with humor. Presentation is fast and funny. He assumes we have still some active brain cells, for which I am grateful to him.

  • When I signed up for this program I was not particularly interested in this course. I was fascinated how piano technique evolved. Program was far better than I anticipated.

  • Michael is flaky, but warm and charming. Really knows his material. Very interesting and stimulating course. Exciting to have someone of his caliber teaching.

  • Liked his sense of humor and his love of music.

  • Executed with an unusually admirable sense of humor.

  • Very entertaining and informative. Quirky but funny. A real guy.

  • Spontaneous and sweet.

  • Very good presentation. Light, not boring.

  • Funny, good sense of humor.

  • Delightful and stimulating.

  • An interesting topic which developed well.

  • Good course; lots of examples. Like Mike's different approach.

  • Obviously is very well informed on his subject, one that was interesting to me even though I know some music. His "play alongs" were very well chosen. Occasionally we would have to ask about names, artists, etc. Obviously an outstanding authority.

  • Great sense of humor. Well-informed. P.S. He was really "on" in the last class.
June 18-22, 2001

  • A repeat for me with this fantastic musicologist. He needs a new course to attract us fans to future program.s A course that showcases his performance skills.

  • 2nd time as instructor and have thoroughly enjoyed both courses. Knows his subject and enjoys teaching it.

  • As when we were here 3 years ago, Michael never failed to make the material thought-provoking and interesting to me.

  • His use of recordings of the many styles by pianists was most informative and interesting. He obviously is highly knowledgeable of classic music which he imparted to us Elderhostelers.

  • Learned how same notes can be played differently with completely different results and all are right. Now I can feel comfortable to play piano music as I choose.

  • He had a difficult subject to teach. The need to make comparisons can be very repetitive, but he pulled it off very well. He's a splendid performer; he favored us with a Ravel piece.

  • I didn't realize how much individual artists used their own interpretations of musical selections - I thought there were more rules.

  • Did not know the latitude that individual performers took with the composer's music.

  • Another wonderful teacher. His subject matter was not as interesting to me as the other two. But Michael was excellent, as usual (We had him 3 years ago for Beethoven Sonatas.)

  • Excellent. It was a difficult course to teach, but he came through with flying colors.

  • Extremely interesting. very different mood changes from morning sessions. Also made more enjoyable by impressive knowledge of the pianists illustrated - and their individual styles. Unfortunately, I missed the concluding class with Dr. Habermann' brief performance which I heard was outstanding.

  • Again, very stimulating. This class has been a help to me personally in my piano studies - to be more discerning and also opened up different interpretations as piano music/performance is a living, breathing arts and also a product of its time.
May 20-25, 2001

  • He is terrific. I learned more about the structure of music in 4 days than I ever knew.

  • Very well-prepared on the most difficult (by far) of the three courses. The most complex of the 3 courses. He mixed in great humor, wit, knowledge to keep us continually stimulated and informed.

  • Very knowledgeable and stimulating. Good sense of humor. A "showman". Would take other courses with him because of his scholarship.

  • Very enjoyable. Mr. Habermann's explanations to "Invitation to the Dance" and other pieces taught me a great deal.
May 14-18, 2001

  • Michael Habermann is a humorous and well informed musician. He gave us excellent bibliographies. I really like him and would take another course with him.

  • The man is an unmitigated treasure -- with a coverage of subject matter, humor, and depth of knowledge that was prodigious -- more, more, more!

  • I think Victor Borge has come back to life! What an enjoyable time. Michael is terrific and so entertaining. He not only had the tapes to illustrate ideas, but he'd give an instant demo on the piano. Great class!

  • Entertaining. Inspired me to go home and practice!

  • Michael's humor and knowledge of the subject were excellent.

  • Content is interesting and unique. Michael's style is fun, different and comes across very well. He was well prepared -- good examples.

  • Very appealing personality. Most enjoyable presentation.

  • A great educational experience for me. The instructor was most charming and his manner of teaching really kept me interested and eager to listen to music and comprehend it better.

  • Michael is so knowledgeable and has so much to share that one needs another hour each day to listen to his examples, plus his own knowledge which he shares with the class.

  • Wonderful course -- waht a talent. Lots of laughs and a fun course -- well organized approach -- great course -- very worthwhile.

  • Terrific class! Looked forward to each session. Michael is a gem. Well prepared -- knew his stuff and besides doing a wonderful job he was insightful and also funny and enjoyable. A 10 plus!

  • Very interesting subject, presented in an enjoyable way, clearly explained, and well illustrated with musical selections.
March 12-16, 2001

  • Our French "Victor Borge" was both entertaining and very knowledgeable. Would come back for another class with Dr. Habermann.

  • A fine course - a bit hurried because of its scope but good handouts and instruction. I liked the humor in explaining things -- not dull.

  • While I was not familiar with many of the French Keyboard composers, I could not help enjoying the approach that Michael took. His sense of humor and obvious knowledge of his subject was a joy. He is an attention getter with the remarks he makes regarding the music and the individual composers.

  • Michael has a wonderful personality albeit a little eccentric. He was fun.

  • Most excellent and most everything. Young man is a true professional.

  • While I am mostly unfamiliar with the composers in this course, the professor made it most interesting and informative. He has a wonderful off-beat sense of humor, making the class a delight!

  • Michael Habermann - interesting, organized, witty, stimulating.

  • Overall impression was very good. Complete and informative -- at his best, Mr. Habermann is witty and delightful, an excellent pianist, an insightful commentator.

  • Knowledgeable -- funny -- relaxed -- super.

  • Lots of fun!! M.H. is charming and full of knowledge.

  • Course very good. Teacher an "original" -- lots of wit, insight, provocative. Knows so much.

  • Interesting material presented with humor and authority.

  • This was a very exciting course in content and the manner in which the instructor taught. His vast knowledge of the piano music in French music is phenomental.

  • Ah Dr. Habermann -- I wish I was more of a music scholar -- I just didn't have that much interest in his subject, but I remained in class because his personality and intellect interested me.

  • Learned a lot about different French Composers. Teacher was knowledgeable -- really made it fun!
February 5-9, 2001

  • Very interesting and informative -- clearly showed the development of Beethoven's Sonata writing. Playing of parts of each piece incredibly valuable. Independent critiques and humor add greatly! Good material. Teacher's appreciation of the music is wonderful and adds to all. Excellent. Highly knowledgeable. Many insights and piano playing.

  • Very interesting but harder to follow. An enriching experience. A fun professor!

  • A wonderful teacher with a very interesting approach. His knowledge is extensive and his "curiosity" is "catching." His "love" of music is outstanding as is his willingness to share his "gift". His one handout was very informative.

  • Beethoven Piano Sonatas course was also terrific. Michael Habermann was stimulating and covered much interesting material providing an appreciation of the sonatas and their relation one to another and also to other Beethoven compositions, as well as painistic considerations and the development of the piano. I never wanted class to end.

  • He's a delightful lecturer! Knows his material and his audience. Most enjoyable.

  • Wonderful classroom presence, splendid pianist.

  • Michael is an enchanting instructor -- whether he is reading (with humorous asides), playing (with humorous asides) or just being "funny", he managed to teach us quite a lot about the Sonatas. For this we say a very large "Thank you!"

  • A daunting task to cover. I especially appreciated his piano technique, his expressive way of dramatizing aspects of the Sonatas, his illustrations of questions Beethoven kept asking about the musical forms, and his range of reference -- making connections with other pieces in the repertoire. We all loved his sense of humor.
December 17-21, 2000

  • Dr. Michael Habermann is the best and most interesting music teacher I have ever had in the last 30 years. He has a depth of knowledge about music that is formidable. he is also very humorous.

  • This course had both knowledge and humor, thrown together plus acting out the music. What a combination of this guy for all three modes. Larger than life - that's Michael Habermann. He's fantastic and the Sonatas were magnificent!

  • Very worthwhile course. Outstanding world class instructor. Stimulating and talented performer as well who enhanced understanding by his performances on piano.

  • He is a gifted teacher. Fascinating, witty, informative, well-organized. He has a charming personality and clearly loves what he is teaching and knows a lot about it.

  • Overall: excellent. Wonderful use of piano to illustrate the music under consideration, as well as connections to other pieces. Instructor was very entertaining, very knowledgeable, and charmingly disorganized (on occasion).

  • Instructor was humorous and enjoyable.

  • Excellent course and instructor, often very humorous.

  • Extremely well integrated metaphors and parallels well distributed wrap precise -- presented from an integrated base. Great! Accepting atmosphere encouraged discussion.

  • Funny, charming professor. The hand-out with the categories (difficulty, soft endings, etc.) were very good.

  • Class was fast moving and enjoyable.
October 30 - November 2, 2000

  • What an experience to have a genius to lead us through a part of his musical country. Witty, precise, succinct in his analysis and evaluations. We will never again be bored with French Music again. If we don't enjoy some of it, we'll understand why.

  • Michael Habermann is a classic and genius! How could he not be impressive? Good sense of humor, enormous quantity of material.

  • Michael Habermann: Unique and superb. Seems to really love what he does.

  • French Piano -- A great after lunch teacher -- really kept us awake with delightful zany humor and good info.

  • Fun and got me started on a new phase of listening. Enjoyable! Colorful character.

  • Wonderful -- very excellent learning situation -- however missed the 5th session! This course definitely requires a full week, at a minimum! The opera class had much less intense material and should have been the one cut! (Amazing organization of material!)

  • Michael extremely well organized and should have a little more time for all his material.

  • Michael Habermann -- easy manner, great wit and has a wealth of information to share. Would have liked Michael to play more on the piano.

  • Habermann is a delightful character: talented, greatly knowledgeable, terrific sense of humor. Well conceived, informative -- and fun.

  • His ability to illustrate with piano playing added much to course as did his sarcastic-humorous asides. Obviously knows subject.

  • Very talented teacher, answered all questions, very knowledgeable.
September 4-8, 2000

  • The most outstanding trio of instructors I have ever had in Elderhostel I have attended.

  • All 3 were outstanding and the best of any of the 12 Elderhostels I've attended!!

  • We both were very much impressed and taken with M. Habermann's knowledge, organization, and enthusiastic teaching style. His excitement about the music was contagious; he gave out interesting handouts and was very generous with his time and with his playing. He is a gifted teacher.

  • Very good, knows his subject -- informative.

  • Michael was organized, stimulating, and very interesting. He gave an overview handout in the beginning which was quite sufficient. His class was an ongoing combination of music, demonstrations, and explanations. He was a little too lenient on extraneous questions, but he never let it get out of control. I learned a lot!

  • Mr. Habermann was wonderful. He has a most pleasing personality and his class was a delight. He clearly likes his subject and teaching it.

  • Great course! He knows his stuff -- A fine pianist as well to demo his points. A fine sense of humor and a pleasant personality.

  • Michael Habermann too has a wonderful humor interspersed with insightful orderly presentations. I would like him to come to our university cultural series, but I am not sure I have the influence to accomplish that. He could be a fine performer for us as well as a teacher.

  • Professor Habermann wry humor was wonderful. His examples of romantic piano music were well chosen. They applauded the beauty and skill of the great composers and deflated the puffed up egos of the not so great.

  • Much information given in an interesting manner.

  • A fresh approach to the subject of romantic piano music. Well done.

  • Very good. Knows music and highly informative, engaging, humorous, and stimulating.

  • Well organized, instructive. He profusely illustrates the material by playing it -- very helpful. Kept control of the class. Good course, well presented.

  • I thank him for showing me different ways composers wrote using the same type of structure, theme, etc. Most interesting and very talented.

  • Unique and spirited presentation. Terrific illustory piano playing. Broad knowledge aided in full response to questions.

  • Well organized -- uses humor to explain point. An enjoyable subject and presentation. Enthusiastic, etc. I'd take his classes again. Excellent.
August 14-18, 2000

  • Delightful, genius!

  • Michael Habermann was "Everything (via personae) that one could wish for!" Using an adaptation of the American Express Card ad, I would say of his course: "DON'T GO HOME WITHOUT IT."

  • Wonderful! Being there felt like mind dancing. Simultaneous multi-level teaching with great, good humor.

  • Dr. Habermann has a style all his own. Highly original sense of humor. He manages to be informative and also very entertaining.

  • Michael Habermann: Ranks with the best. We would love to hear more of him. In fact we will try to get another Elderhostel where he is a teacher.

  • What a joy. There is never enough time in a Habermann class. Adds his exceptional humor to create an exceptional musical experience.

  • Michael Habermann is a delight. He brought piano music to a new height of understanding for me. His sense of humor made the program interesting and most enjoyable.

  • Was masterfully presented by Michael Habermann. His breadth of ability at the piano and with thorough explanation were a unique experience! He is an unusually fine teacher.

  • Lively and entertaining professor -- loved the couse.

  • Content & instructor very good.

  • Outstanding! Appropriate humor added to the enjoyment. Preparation and presentation were great!

  • This course was first rate in all aspects and our instructor was able to transmit the material with good organization and with a wonderful sense of humor.

  • Hilarious, not only knowledgeable but charming, informative and funny!

  • This was especially valuable for discussion on lesser known composers who provided the link between Classical and Romantic period.

  • Enjoyable.

  • Excellent -- interesting and organized.

  • What can I say about Mike. He plays, he talks, he gestures, he jokes, he bubbles -- and is there anything about piano music he doesn't know?? What a guy!

  • A delightful teacher! Personality Plus! He is very knowledgeable. His humor is great.

  • Dr. Habermann's marvelous compilation of 19th century pianists and his depth of knowledge plus music was an enjoyed time.

  • Very well thought out presentations and tapes. Very interesting presentations.

  • Outstanding. Good organization. Excellent presentation.

  • Michael Habermann was able to keep the attention of his audience in Piano Music of the Age of Genius because of his stimulating style of teaching.
July 2-7, 2000

  • Ah, the Beethoven Sonatas! All 32! Michael Habermann can top Victor Borge. Habermann's analysis was given in depth added by some antics that kept me not only listening closely but laughing loudly. Informatively funny. Now, I don't know if I love Michael more than Beethoven.

  • Outstanding. Knowledgeable and personable, plus a stand-in for Victor Borge!

  • Michael Habermann, excellent. It was a pleasure having quality people teaching their subject. I hope Peabody can financially keep Michael on the staff.

  • Brilliant and entertaining. Michael is fantasitc. I miss some of his points because my background in music is limited, but he is a genius.

  • Michael Habermann (the typical absent minded professor) is in love with his work and conveys the same feeling to the "students". Listening to his piano renditions and snippets give on a feeling for each piece in a new light from previous hearings of the music. I looked forward to these sessions with anticipation.

  • Superlative; very stimulating, instructive and entertaining.

  • Great, Fantastic.

  • Very Good. Very adept at keeping your attention. Can't miss a moment.

  • Michael Habermann was always well prepared and always ran over in time! Worked a little too hard to entertain us, but that's OK when one has so much material to share.

  • Excellent quality of instructor and passion outstanding. Would take another course (anytime) with Michael. Michael is a genius.

  • Michael has a wonderful sense of humor and knows his sonatas.

  • Michael Habermann - Beethoven Sonatas most engaging. A performer with much humor, intensity. Tremendously talented as an entertainer -- makes it all fun.

  • Did an excellent job of covering 32 Sonatas in a stimulating fashion. Entertaining.

  • Superior in all ways.

  • Excellent, charming instructor who obviously loves teaching and loves his material. Marvellous sense of humor.

  • Wonderful person and instructor.

  • Instructor had a good sense of humor. Used his body to demonstrate some points which were fun.

  • Very good super instructor with lots of charisma.
June 19-22, 2000

  • An excellent approach to the subject with carefully selected printed materials, and an open free presentation of a range of styles and opinions welcomed. I especially enjoyed the instructor's illustrations of musical material on the piano.

  • Original and thought-provoking. A delightful teacher.

  • Very useful analysis of the elements of piano performance. I feel I learned a lot and enjoyed the instructor's style. Excellent class.

  • Knowing and understanding the form that music takes and now having some understanding to compare the music I listen to will make my listening much more enjoyable. Thank you Michael.

  • He was able to explain clearly a difficult subject.

  • Very interesting course and Habermann is very good.

  • Michael Habermann is so knowledgeable in his subject. Learned a lot. Great!

  • Enjoyed his approach to piano styles -- He's wonderfully knowledgeable -- has an easy manner and doesn't impose his opinions -- a wonderful teacher who guides the listener.

  • Michael Habermann is a knowledgeable and innovative teacher and musician. He has a special knack in providing the audience with the guidance to think and evaluate -- independently. His presentations are fascinating and provocative.

  • This course gave me an appreciation of music from a totally different vantage point. I found it most enjoyable and enlightening. Michael Habermann presents the information in a well balanced manner, and with a twinkle in his eye.
June 11-16, 2000

  • Very good - well prepared.

  • Delightful and knowledgeable instructor.

  • I enjoyed this course immensely. It was interesting and the teacher proved very knowledgeable. I learned much.

  • Brilliant instructor in his field.

  • Enjoyed the presentation immensely.

  • Loved it. Very interesting.

  • Very knowledgeable instructor. Enjoyed the course.

  • Very good. Well organized. Interesting presentation. Instructor quite knowledgeable. Kept it light and interesting.

  • Michael is a walking, talking and knowledgeable {professor}. His humorous presentations also make course very interesting.

  • Loved Michael's sense of humor.

  • Course and professor very interesting, worthwhile, organized and stimulating. Kept the class stimulated and was sorry that the course could not be longer.
May 14-19, 2000

  • Wonderful - marvelous ability to play the sonatas and talk and teach simultaneously from his storehouse of information about Beethoven's music, life, impact. The "triumvirate" was awesome: 3 experts in Beethoven, 3 superb teachers and 3 lovers of music.

  • Incredible pianist - spontaneous and refreshing.

  • Exciting, humorous, insightful.

  • Intensive comprehensive teaching and listening -- I will never listen to music as I had in the past -- I formerly listened emotionally -- I am challenged to listen more intellectually/emotionally now.

  • Interesting, very worthwhile. A pleasure to hear him play and he was amusing.

  • Excellent. Mike Habermann was knowledgeable, extremely generous with his time. Taught us an extra hour. 90% of the class as I did sat for 6 hours today with a 15 minute break. How's that for a tribute to all 3 of our teachers?

  • Michael Habermann was fascinating -- a great source of information and a sense of humor to make the time fly by. My generous in sharing his knowledge with the class and is so willing to work up until the last moment. We went right on through lunch and he could have gone on but Dr. Macaulay was waiting.

  • Michael Habermann -- what a delight!!! He presented each class in a concise, orderly, talented and very interesting way. It was a joy to go to class!

  • Michael Habermann is a fine and delightful personality. Enormously talented and very generous and giving of as much information he could fit into the time frame.

  • The instructor has a refreshingly informal style.

  • Different approach -- very interesting -- witty piano lectures great. Loved his class -- humor is so welcome his musicality great!

  • M. Habermann's {classes} were also filled with great information tinged with humorous anecdotes and commentary.

  • A delightful professor with boundless energy and love for what he does -- which carried over to the class.

  • Habermann, interesting, organized and stimulating.

  • The instructor left us in awe over the breadth and depth of his piano virtuosity and his truly encyclopedic knowledge -- not only of Beethoven, but of all aspects of music. His (probably unintentional) impersonation of Alan Alda, with humor to match, made him a great favorite of his students.

  • Habermann - superior.

  • Dr. Habermann has an excellent personality that every student at Peabody should be required to take a course from him.

  • Michael Habermann is a joy to have as an instructor. Well done.

  • Excellent!! course. Mr. Habermann taught this class with a charismatic sense of humor and an equal amount of erudition -- well prepared, well organized.

  • Mr. Habermann's knowledge is overwhelming. It was a joy to sit and listen in his class.
February 21-25, 2000

  • Outstanding in every respect: course organization, content, presentation. Best Elderhostel faculty yet!

  • Habermann injected such humor into his discussion that we fully enjoyed each day and requested a session on our "free afternoon."

  • Michael Habermann did an outstanding job of analyzing and comparing the Beethoven sonatas. His light-hearted and often humorous presentation and approach was refreshing, yet drove home every point he made most effectively. I would definitely return to take more courses with Michael.

  • A survey course covering a great deal of information. Michael's method of highlighting important parts of each sonatas covered will enable me to listen to this music with much greater enjoyment. His clarity and enthusiasm are catching!!

  • Michael Habermann is unique and very interesting. He provided us with a listing of the sonatas (and the movements) and a very interesting listing of his own summation of each sonata. He was all over the place, illustrating on the piano, offering interesting comments, reading other authorities, writing out notes on the board.

  • Michael Habermann -- He made class exciting in that one never knew what comments were coming next. He definitely gave the material a comic slant which was refreshing counterpoint to Doug Heist's style. I learned less, but enjoyed more.

  • Professor's passion for the music was contagious -- he really brings the music (and the man) to life. Perhaps not as organized as some but, we got through a lot of material, and the class was exciting, inspirational, and wholly satisfying for me.

  • Very, very, inspiring teacher. Very enjoyable.

  • I have heard Michael before and he is most entertaining as well as knowledgeable.

  • Michael Habermann was a delightful experience. His interpretation and humor make the course fun and stimulating, and besides that I learned a lot; I look forward to another course w/Michael!

  • Michael Habermann offered a survey course with a blend of seriousness and humor. Teacher got so involved with subject matter that he sometimes forgot time -- a forgivable goof if you love Beethoven. Handouts were excellent. Mr. Habermann's approach following Mr. Heist's method of teaching provided a perfect blend and balance for the student and the best of both worlds.

  • Professor Habermann was also excellent. He added a dimension of frivolity (needed) and irreverence. Also A+ rating.

  • Michael Habermann had the more difficult role of handling more sonatas. His piano virtuosity and involvement in the structure made the course thrilling. Enjoyed his humor and his giving of his time for an extra course and his handout on each sonata.
January 10-14, 2000

  • I've met great musicians here -- the very best, of course, would have loved hearing more of Michael's "work". Very human, humorous, entertaining.

  • I enjoyed this course the best. His quirky humor was especially appreciated for an early afternoon course. The immense knowledge he has into and about music is a treasure for Peabody.

  • A musical genius -- enjoyed the Sorabji material and would have enjoyed hearing more. Charming and guile-less in his un-organized manner a la Victor Borge -- we had many laughs. I learned much through his examples of piano interpretations.

  • Very fine. I learned a great deal. Material well organized, and presented with a nice sense of humor.

  • Dr. Habermann is a most unusual, exciting young man whose intelligence, imagination, and humor bursts forth to make his course a delightful experience.

  • Michael Habermann provided such a lot of interesting bits about piano playing -- and in the most pleasant, informative (and often humorous) way. His handout packet of articles on the subject was excellent.

  • As in other two courses, this professor's ability to play examples, and his wide knowledge and insight made this course very worthwhile. This professor's irreverence toward the social pressures of classical music was very refreshing.

  • "Wally Cox" presentations -- amusing, informative.

  • Michael Habermann is funny, competent, and capable of keeping me awake after lunch in a classroom that is warm and dark. By the way, why is the classroom warm and dark? And why doesn't someone release the chain on the door of the music equipment cabinet so the instructors don't have to be contortionists?

  • Michael Habermann is indeed a man of great talent and had an unusual approach to these interesting classes.

  • Michael was interesting and made material alive. His musical chronology jumped about a bit, but I found him amusing and extremely likeable. A fine musician as well.
December 13-17, 1999

  • If Dr. Habermann were in Japan he would be designated a "living national treasure."

  • Michael Habermann's piano recital was the highlight of the week.

  • Very good, fun and serious too. Michael could be another Victor Borge. I will be back for one of his classes. Wonderful pianist.

  • Michael is a brilliant pianist so that hearing him perform passages after he discussed them was an exhilarating experience. In addition, his wit enhanced every hour of the course. Move over Victor Borge -- here comes Habermann.

  • Course on sonatas was great, less analysis, but more music with a humorous flair. Michael's zest for life and music inspired me to learn more, enjoy life/music more.

  • A delightful man with a terrific presentation. Another Victor Borge.

  • The highlight of the week was the fabulous performance by Michael Habermann.

  • Mike Habermann. When he sits at the piano time stops. He explains by playing -- and can he play!! I've heard a lot of good ones and this guy is great!

  • Michael Habermann is passionate about his music. He has a wonderful sense of humor.

  • Fascinating person who made every moment a joy. Extremely talented. The highlight of my stay here was Michael's concert. He is so lovable.

  • Entertainment + substance. M.H. very witty, but to the point. His "recital" was a tour de force.

  • Total entertainment. And enlightening, too.

  • UNIQUE instructor. Totally enjoyable. Did a Herculean job of covering a massive amount of material. It was very effective as a survey course.

  • Habermann: An enthusiastic teacher who reinforces pianistic ideas by poking fun at several ideas written by composer. Demonstrated music mostly by his own extraordinary playing. Kept my interest by humor and friendliness.

  • Michael Habermann -- Delightful, entertaining, talented, and held interest like music. Learning at times was uneven. He held class interest and was a wonderful balance to Douglas.

  • M. Habermann is an absolute delight. His knowledge and sense of humor enlivened the course. We loved his concert on Dec. 14.

  • My 4th class with Michael! This time he was really on form, seemed to be enjoying the class as much as we were, his overview of the 32 Sonatas with many live illustrations at the keyboard, was quite a wonderful experience!

  • Michael is charming, endearing, extremely funny and a marvellous pianist. We enjoyed every moment we spent with him, including the concert. He managed to give us many insights at a complex level in his own unique inimitable style. Another A+ teacher.

  • When his sense of humor doesn't overshadow his brilliant command of material, Michael Habermann conveys a wealth of information, impressions and opinions about Beethoven and his music. Habermann's own piano virtuosity enchanted us all as did his teaching style. At times, however, I felt class laughed too much, inappropriately, as Michael doesn't take take himself seriously enough!!

  • Michael made this course very interesting. Insights from pianist's point of view. Witty commentary on music, Beethoven and playing Beethoven. Gets an "A" from me.

  • Fantastic pianist!

  • Dr. Habermann is also an excellent teacher -- as well as an amazing pianist and musician.

  • Incredible! Habermann's enthusiasm is outstanding. May not always be totally organized but makes up for it with enthusiasm and humor. Wouldn't hesitate to take other courses.

  • Michael Habermann is so unique! I loved everything he said and did. And his concert was the frosting on the cake.
September 27-October 1, 1999

  • Fantastic pianist -- could not be better.

  • Wonderful course.

  • Enjoyed musical insights and listening to his playing.

  • Excellent presentation of items to help understand the music and the composers. We regret the absence of a 4th music class. and the 1 hour 3rd class was too short!

  • Excellent! Good background of music for students to build upon and understand.

  • Wonderful!
September 6-10, 1999

  • Most entertaining. Wonderful stories. Least analytical.

  • Warm friendly Prof. with encyclopedic knowledge of music -- Increased my knowledge and appreciation of this period.

  • Instructor was very knowledgeable. Course was interesting and worthwhile.

  • Wonderful class. Michael did a fine job of clarifying the difference in the Romantic composer's piano music, and his masterful use of the piano added a great deal. I appreciated his honesty in giving us his critical opinions, positive and negative.

  • Although somewhat different from my expectations, Michael Habermann provided the background needed for greater appreciation and understanding of piano music. He also is fun! -- Excellent.

  • Very knowledgeable, good communicator. Likeable personality, enthusiastic. Good handouts. Needs to schedule his time better on the subjects to be covered. Content good.

  • Michael Habermann has a marvelous store of knowledge on piano music in all its aspects. He was excellent at summarizing the distinctive features of the music of each composer.

  • Teacher was very talented playing piano to illustrate his subjects. Good sense of humor. you could tell he is used to presenting a program because it all flowed along easily and quickly.

  • Michael Habermann also is a very knowledgeable teacher and imparted a lot of information. I would say he is a good teacher.

  • The course content was very extensive, interesting and appropriate. The professor was well organized, understandable (clear) and interesting. His frequent demonstrations on the piano were excellent.

  • Dr. Habermann's lecture on Romantic music is organized and detailed -- we learned much from him.

  • My favorite course because instructor was very talented and entertaining and still we learned a lot.
July 12-16, 1999

  • An extraordinarily exciting course; wonderful sense of humor on part of teacher; superb insights revealed to us! -- superb in all ways!

  • Course instructor Prof. Michael Habermann is a very intelligent, charming, witty and obviously creative individual. His subject matter and presentation was provocative and encouraged a great deal of lively discussion and food for thought. We attend many classical concerts and will now be more aware of nuances not considered previously.

  • Professor was witty, entertaining, knew his subject thoroughly -- taught with enthusiasm.

  • We learned form! Michael is delightful -- a scholar -- very learned -- wonderful sense of humor. Enjoyed learning about Haydn and Mozart and how the form advanced in Beethoven's hands.

  • Michael Habermann provided an overview of the above with wit, clarity and an abundance of information and enthusiasm. Although he is obviously a most knowledgeable individual he seemed to recognize and respect the differences in our (students) individual abilities and background. A++ all around.

  • Beethoven Sonatas presented in a humorous and highly informative manner by Michael Habermann.

  • Habermann is wonderful -- extremely knowledgeable and real and one can feel his love of the music.

  • A truly delightful informative course -- every day was an enjoyable experience.

  • Excellent -- Michael Habermann is an "original" -- enthusiastic -- knowledgeable -- an excellent teacher.

  • Very interesting and informative; great examples; learned a lot, great sense of humor, instructor -- charming personality! Enthusiasm contagious

  • Very educational program content. Faculty was most knowledgeable and a fountain of authoritative information. Changing roles of composer and interpretation by performer were communicated with enthusiasm and stimulation.

  • Professor very stimulating sense of humor, organized. Subject raised interesting questions and provided a basis for listening to and evaluating a performance. An interesting approach to listening to music more intelligently.

  • Interesting and provocative. Dr. Habermann obviously is very knowledgeable.
May 24-28, 1999

  • Michael -- Incredible! A unique person (meaning that such a personality occurs few times in one's lifetime) who made me want to get a second version of every CD I own to make comparisons.

  • Piano styles -- incredible. How can such talent be so humble? Michael Habermann is a teacher of great gift. He has so much to share. Wish this class started in July and went to December.

  • Very interesting, appropriate and worthwhile. Michael Habermann -- exceptionally interesting and charming; subject matter very well organized and presented. A stimulating experience; enjoyed reading his reference materials handout.

  • What could have been deadly (and I mean deadly) dull course came to life through the imagination, knowledge, skill and fantastic presentation skills of the instructor. Scale of 1-5 = 5+

  • Very Good. Course objectives very well achieved. Theme very adequately illustrated. Interesting, personable, sensitive to student interests.

  • Well prepared, high quality explanations. He was excellent and charming.

  • Very interesting. Shall always hear music in a totally different way. Michael Habermann, a too modest personality, was enthusiastic, very knowledgeable and a delightful teacher.

  • Well prepared -- extremely knowledgeable! Good teacher. I give him 4 stars!!

  • Very thought-provoking and informative. Good sense of humor. Enjoyed listening to the heavenly music!

  • I was deeply touched by the caliber, understanding, sense of humor, and ability to transmit this knowledge.

  • Michael Habermann is a delight as a person and a teacher. Taking this course has changed the way I will listen to piano performances from now on.

  • Totally enjoyable, engrossing, informative, well organized.

  • Very interesting, outstanding authority, extremely entertaining, pleasingly disorganized in an organized manner. Learned a lot. Impish disarming smile, sincere manner.
April 26-30, 1999

  • What a genius! Stimulating.

  • I enjoyed this class much more the second time around. Michael presented his material very well. I really enjoyed this class!

  • Michael Habermann knew his material and was very eager to have his students know as much as possible in a short time.

  • Very, very well organized. Diversified selections kept audience interested and informed. You could tell that this instructor loved his profession and was eager to share his knowledge with his student.
April 12-16, 1999

  • This is a very broad subject and hard to boil down to four classes. Michael Habermann did a good job presenting such a wide subject.

  • Dr. Habermann shared his extensive knowledge in an unusual way. His eccentricities were endearing. We loved his own unique style that added extra enjoyment to his lectures.

  • Instructor very able and interesting. He made "Keyboard Wizards" exciting.

  • Michael Habermann -- most unpredictable of the three. Knew his music.

  • It will take weeks to get into my head all of the material Michael told us. His printouts were and are something I will keep for many years. Michael is an excellent teacher.

  • Michael Habermann took us through a very difficult subject of Keyboard Wizards in his own style. He brought it all together, showing his organization. He has a tremendous knowledge of the keyboard and I hope to hear him on CD at home. Great course, super instructor.

  • Michael Habermann took a subject which I had mixed feelings about and had me magnetically drawn to it. He also made the content and presentation all of the above. Mr. Habermann's great talent was obvious and entertaining. A great experience! A+

  • Although a bit disorganized at first he comes through with a blazing finale.

  • Dr. Habermann has a vast repertoire of piano music, some of it on tape which is difficult to present. One thing he made me realize that virtuosity is two-sided. Although at first it seemed unfocused, it came all together.

  • Michael Habermann brought great interest to the material he shared with the class. He lectured well and played excellent music. He is a delight!
March 8-12, 1999

  • A fascinating musical trip from Mozart to Liszt. It was particularly interesting for me to hear the influences each historical period had on the ones to come. Sorry we didn't get any further along.

  • Delightful -- although he didn't cover all he expected to. Provided a wealth of material not usually presented. Some of his "disorganization" put on to uphold his reputation -- he didn't need the notes he forgot to bring.

  • Michael Habermann also is a brilliant teacher. Romantic Piano has never been so interesting! We loved his humor, his tremendous knowledge and talent. I hope he produces many tapes and discs so that more of us could enjoy his gifted playing.

  • Romantic Piano Music -- Perfect.

  • Unique teaching approach really worked. Love the way he relates every aspect to some other feature of different period, composer, figure of music, etc.

  • Full of wonderful insights and humor. Opens the door to some less well-known composers.

  • Michael Habermann is entertaining, an excellent instructor! I would seek him out when returning to an Elderhostel at Peabody.

  • Michael Habermann is also an excellent teacher -- more relaxed in style but with excellent communication skills.

  • Mr. Habermann is most witty and also very informative in an offhand manner. He introduced composers of the 19th century one does not usually hear. He gave an insight how a pianist looks at music, interesting to me.

  • Michael appears to relish the role of the eccentric professor. He really knows his stuff and has a delightful -- if off-beat way -- of delivering the course.

  • Michael Habermann is an extremely entertaining and knowledgeable instructor. He has a most unique and at times, humorous personality. His charm made this session informative and very interesting.

  • He is wonderful, and, of course, on top of his material. Another great learning experience.
February 22-26, 1999

  • Excellent -- Best teacher ever! Please keep him on staff. Would you fire Beethoven?

  • Informative, entertaining, a genius? I really loved his class and he did teach. His comments on the sonatas as he played phrases on the piano, were priceless.

  • Michael is a most entertaining and edifying teacher. He has made Beethoven and the sonatas come alive in a way I have never heard.

  • Michael Habermann's illustrations on the piano were a delight. What seemed to be a casual approach as opposed to Dough Heist's presentation was in fact a very clear exposal of the development of Beethoven's style through the years, and the changes in form and rules of Sonata form that was clear to follow and added greatly to my understanding of what I was hearing.

  • Very entertaining presentation of the sonatas. I particularly enjoyed his piano presentation. Interesting class.

  • A delightful man who left me to my head spinning. He goes through all 32 sonatas giving much information that I must now attempt to sort out.

  • Mr. Habermann was a delightful personality. Despite his recent accident he carried out our program valiantly and his light touch was appreciated.

  • Dr. Habermann was exceptionally well prepared for the course on Beethoven Sonatas. His presentation was both informative and humorous thus making the course very impressive. His "pass out" information was excellent. Would like to take another course with Doug and Mike!!

  • Michael had the toughest job because of trying to cover all the sonatas. Perhaps the course should be less than all of them. Michael did a terrific job and his "light touch" was delightful. I learned a great deal from him.

  • Delightful spontaneous presentations, well illustrated with gifted piano performance and helpful compilation materials handed out.

  • Professor very interesting. His piano presentations were lively and stimulating and added to our understanding. His final "handout" is a gem.

  • Obviously very knowledgeable about his subject; good sense of humor; excellent "handouts" which are unique and useful. Interesting class.

  • Creative, energizing teacher. He gave a good balance to the other two instructors. Unbelievable rapport with love of subject.

  • I especially enjoyed the course with Michael. His sense of humor was so great and made learning lots of fun. He is also a genius at the piano so that each lesson was like attending a concert but learning all along the way.

  • Michael was charming and engaging. Extremely knowledgeable. His presentation was most enjoyable.

  • Michael Habermann -- very entertaining course. Lots of smiles and a hint of piano virtuosity.

  • My first experience with Michael Habermann. I would take his courses again. Entertaining and informative as well. Admirable musicianship. Very good.
January 11-15, 1999

  • Michael Habermann is definitely in a class by himself -- his course is tops!

  • Dr. Habermann seems to be a charming genius. I particularly enjoyed his last lecture in which we learned more about him. His handouts to read were most worthwhile and showed much time and effort in their preparation.

  • Habermann is lots of fun. His course is in concept well thought out. He has a tendency to understate his own importance, leaving for the end of each lecture, the most important parts. There is a bit of disorganization in his presentation but the ease of his manner is good. His handouts are not necessary for presentation of his material. I liked him and appreciate his great ability.

  • Frighteningly educational, a real eye-opener re. piano playing. A rare teacher.

  • Michael Habermann is something of a "loose cannon." Marvelous sense of humor, truly illustrated the contrasts in piano-playing.

  • Michael Habermann content and presentation most interesting. Enthusiasm and excitement with material was transmitted. Informative, well organized. This was an Exciting course!

  • Michael Habermann is a joy to have as a professor. He's most knowledgeable, and enthusiastic, so he makes the classes alive and interesting.

  • Habermann -- Wish I could have heard more of the tapes of his performance.

  • Loved the course even though Michael was not quite as organized as the other teacher. I enjoyed him as well as his presentation. It was refreshing attending his class. A real fun time -- lots of laughs. What a wonderful pianist.

  • He too, was good. His personal touch with the piano also added a lot.

  • Michael Habermann is a joy to have as a teacher. He is knowledgeable, funny and does his homework -- loved him.

  • Dr. Habermann introduced a whole new way of my regarding the listening of music. I knew that as an amateur musician my playing and interpretation were not like the "pro's", but now I find that even the pros do not play or interpret the same. Hallelujah.

  • I feel fortunate to have had such a talented, thoroughly delightful and amusing instructor. His course was appropriate and worthwhile. His piano playing was outstanding.

  • Delightful pixie. Learned a lot.

  • Terrific course of comparison of old and new performers. Mike is terrific.

  • Michael Habermann's presentation was interesting, enlightening and entertaining. He is Great!

  • Michael Habermann opened my eyes to the various elements in piano interpretation. He was fun as well as informative. He was somewhat disorganized but who cares!! He kept our interest after lunch!!
December 14-18, 1998

  • Michael Habermann was simply superb. His grasp of material, his style of presentation (the respect, humor, and depth of insight) communicated clearly the specifics of Beethoven's development. These specifics included formal aspects of style and the techniques by which this development was accomplished. I don't know how he accomplished it. The man has touch of genius himself.

  • It is difficult to describe the exciting (and even thrilling) experience provided by Michael. The knowledge and enjoyment we received through this course was extraordinary -- and that is an understatement.

  • Dr. Habermann was also wonderful in helping us to organize our listening skills and bore into the heart of the sonata form. My ears and heart have really been opened to a musical form I have heretofore largely ignored. It was like borrowing his ears and heart to understand the music each day.

  • Michael Habermann. Excellent.

  • M.H. did an excellent job of covering the large number of sonatas, and chose outstanding examples of excerpts for playback and/or demonstration at the piano. Is at the same time both very entertaining AND informative when playing illustrative excerpts.

  • Wonderful instruction but too ambitious a syllabus. Loved the instructors sense of humor and knowledge. Wonderful pianist.

  • Excellent -- Beethoven Sonatas -- Habermann

  • With impish humor Michael Habermann tried to get through all 32 sonatas. He was wonderful and his handouts were very thorough.

  • Wonderfully humorous. His style of moving from the earliest sonatas gave a great idea of the development of Beethoven's music overall. His working with the score was terrific. We liked this course best of all!

  • Mr. Habermann presented material through a rather droll and comic approach. He delighted in pointing out the ways in which Beethoven moved beyond the expected and usual in creating his sonatas. The teacher's enthusiasm was tempered by the quality of information given.

  • He had 32 to cover. As well as being knowledgeably, he is very funny, with a unique take on many things. I enjoyed it thoroughly.

  • A great educational experience. Michael Habermann was superb as a teacher and analyst of the sonatas and vastly entertaining as well.

  • Interesting, appropriate, worthwhile, organized and stimulating. He was outstanding on detailed analysis of the structure of the sonatas. Skilful demonstrations at the piano. Enthusiasm and wit in his lectures. The amount of material to cover in 32 Sonatas is a problem in the time assigned.

  • This was thoroughly enjoyable and informative. I was delighted to have a musician's point of view on the content of the sonatas. What a great pleasure! Dr. Habermann needn't worry about covering so much material -- we did what we could, and it was fine.
September 7-11, 1998

  • Make this the focus event and give Michael more time.

  • Fantastic!
August 31-September 4, 1998

  • Michael Habermann presented the material with delightful insights into the structure of the sonatas. His manner is engaging, his knowledge and skill undeniably vast. Worthwhile .. interesting .. stimulating .. absolutely!

  • Michael's "eccentricity" made Beethoven's music come alive. His virtuosity at the keyboard was impressive.

  • Habermann a joy! A wealth of material compellingly presented. Not a minute wasted.

  • Course content and presentation were excellent. The course was more than challenging for a non-musician (like me).

  • Mike is an interesting character, a good teacher, an amusing person. We need people like Mike to make us realize how unimportant time can be.

  • Michael Habermann is a joy: funny, irreverent, full of sharp observations on composition and orchestration. But so fast! His mind hopped ahead so acutely. I only hope I can remember half of the "rules" he pointed out and how some were broken. His approach to composition is very open.

  • Michael Habermann. Excellent instructor. His extreme knowledge and great wit enabled me to stay interested and learn a great deal about piano sonatas -- which have never interested me.

  • Michael Habermann is delightful and endearing. He presented the enormous content of the course with erudition and pixy humor. His sometimes late arrivals were made up by his enthusiastic presentation of the material.

  • Organized -- of course not -- but stimulating and inspiring to be in his class -- he would be a reason to return.

  • Yes to most of the above questions. His personality is lovable and he has a delightful sense of humor. Everyone seemed to love him. Answered questions well.

  • Michael Habermann was a most likeable, and knowledgeable teacher and lecturer on the Beethoven Piano Sonatas. His sense of humor was also a decided asset. I would have liked to have heard more of him. His "handouts" were scholarly and helpful.

  • Interesting, funny, charming, whimsical, intense, loose. He gives us hints of his brilliance, at the piano and in his thinking. Loveable.

  • Dr. Habermann conducted the class superbly. His knowledge of the subject was extensive. His spontaneous illustrations on the piano extremely enjoyable -- great stage presence.

  • An excellent course with Michael Habermann who was a wonderful teacher.

  • Habermann was very, very fine.
July 13-17, 1998

  • Michael Habermann; very interesting, stimulating with a wonderful sense of humor. You sense his genius just listening to him. He makes Beethoven come alive!

  • Michael Habermann's scholarship is outstanding and his wit delightful. His talent is prodigious. The course was informative and interesting. Discussion of the Sonatas from a performer's viewpoint was fascinating.

  • Michael Habermann examined in detail the sonata form, by explaining through charts and recordings, as well as playing numerous selections to understand and enrich the course. His love of Beethoven's music inspired his teaching. It was a very stimulating course.

  • A totally engaging course and instructor -- one of a kind -- unique -- unforgettable!

  • The instructor was unique and unorthodox but most interesting. A great deal of insight was obtained and the personality of the instructor (Habermann) was most engaging. I rate this course TOPS. We got into Beethoven's music.

  • Michael is a delight! He's so talented and creative and so wonderfully interested in imparting his knowledge.

  • Wonderful teacher -- well-organized, interesting, wonderful pianist. I wish we had been able to cover more sonatas (I realize that 32 is a lot!) But, he handed out excellent info. As a piano player, I learned so much about the construction of the sonatas.

  • Michael Habermann is an excellent teacher. Would have liked the course to be longer. What a musician and pianist.

  • Exceptional -- explanations -- and for a non-musician were outstandingly clear, and given with the kind of understanding and humor that will make the course {be} remembered.

  • Michael was most interesting and informative -- almost too much so. I did enjoy the sense of humor and respectful irreverence of his approach to Beethoven.

  • Great sense of humor. Fantastic pianist.

  • Dr. Habermann has an impressive grasp of Beethoven. He has the toughest job, trying to cover 30-odd sonatas. He is to be complimented on the efforts, enthusiasm, and accomplishment.

  • Michael Habermann was superlative -- knowledgeable -- creative -- humorous.

  • Everything pertaining to the course was wonderful. The content and instructor were superior to any previous Elderhostels.

  • Superior instructor. Material very interesting and well presented.

  • Michael Habermann was most interesting. Worthwhile course, good sense of humor. Most stimulating.

  • Made sonatas come alive for me -- lovely person, very entertaining. Sorry we didn't get to any sonatas of the later periods -- excellent.

  • Michael brilliant, humorous, exciting, most informative and stimulating.

  • Content was informative and worthwhile to me. Instructor was stimulating. His slightly irreverent (to the God Beethoven) comments were entertaining and an effective method of emphasis. I found his style to be delightful.

  • The course was well planned, enough background and progression for understanding. It was presented in a combination designed for appreciation.
June 8-12, 1998

  • Unbelievable. We were priviledged to be instructed by a humble genius. An endearing personality.

  • Michael is incredibly knowledgeable about music.

  • Expected a ho-hum course, was pleasantly surprised. Michael presented an enormous amount of material sparking my interest in a new subject. His ability to inform and creatively instruct the novice in a non-threatening manner made each class totally enjoyable.

  • Thanks for a rewarding program in Mexican music.

  • Michael is quiet but very dynamic in his delivery of lessons.
February 16-20, 1998

  • Outstanding in terms of interest, appropriateness and value. Dr. Habermann is a born teacher. His knowledgeable and humorous presentation was a joy -- the highlight of the week.

  • Michael Habermann. It was a rare privilege to be part of this course. Dr. Habermann went through almost all of the sonatas with such precision and with such superb piano illustrations as to make one feel totally satisfied that the very best exposure to the music had taken place.

  • Michael Habermann's class was excellent. He has extensive knowledge of his subject, outstanding talent, and the ability to transmit his knowledge to his students.

  • Very instructional in an entertaining but productive manner. What can you say about Michael that hasn't been said? 4-star. He might try to cut down on some of the early Sonatas, but with an extra hour he stole on the last day, we all caught our breath and even enjoyed a bit of Sorabji -- at our request.

  • Michael Habermann was very good, very knowledgeable, very effective.

  • Michael Habermann was superb; put in a tremendous effort into getting through all 32 Sonatas in detail; loves his topic and makes the participants enthusiastic; very witty and humorous in addition; pleasant; conscientious; outstanding; lots of useful handouts, well done.

  • Both course and teacher were very interesting, organized and stimulating. He was willing to stay an hour over time to finish the sonatas. Extremely talented teacher and performer.
June 23-27, 1997
A la maniere de ...

  • A most interesting course because Mr. Habermann took it beyond the academic. Wonderful personality. Made the course consistently interesting through his unique viewpoint. Great pianist. Perhaps not so organized but profound, interesting.

  • Michael Habermann, a gem of a person and teacher. We would take any course he gave. His honesty, forthrightness, sense of humor and knowledge makes him unique. He is talented in so many ways, he stands out.

  • Michael Habermann's knowledge of music of all periods, his sensitivity and beautiful piano playing allow him to leap from one mountain to another, and we feel privileged that he carried us along with him.

  • I enjoyed the instructor more than the subject matter. I would like to take another course with him. He is so brilliant, and such a fine musician. I will look for him in the future -- teaching another course.

  • Dr. Habermann covered a great deal of material in a relaxed, fascinating manner, often with keyboard contrasts and demonstrations to illustrate points made. He is a modest, shy person and great teacher.

  • Who wouldn't love Michael!! Delightful, fun, gave us so much and seemed to have a good time doing it. I would come back for Michael.

  • Excellent course. Michael's comments and piano playing were the highlight of the week.

  • Course very enjoyable, instructor excellent, style especially entertaining.

  • Habermann creates an exciting atmosphere, pursues his work with a passion and is incredibly well prepared.
October 9-13, 1995

  • Extensive knowledge, enthusiasm and sense of humor. Opening a door for further inquiry. Thanks, Michael

  • Just delightful -- This is a course I wish I could continue. It was very good!

  • This was the best of the three courses. He knows his stuff. Very good delivery.

  • Dr. Habermann's enthusiasm, expertise and talent was outstanding. Will look for a course with him. Bravo!

  • Dr. Habermann's enthusiasm for his subject made this course extremely interesting.

  • Habermann was marvelous.

  • Dr. Habermann's enthusiasm and professional skills were invaluable in teaching music that is new to most of us! and to him! This is really the course I came for and was not disappointed!

  • I loved seeing Dr. H. have fun.

  • Mr. Habermann's enthusiasm was contagious. Without any real musical background, I still took great pleasure in watching him unravel musical piece after piece. I gained a great insight into an approach to musical understanding. I can listen with much greater appreciation. An outline handout at the beginning would have been helpful.

  • His sense of humor is infectious!

  • Michael showed great spirit and was truly inspired with his expertise and great feeling for piano and music as a whole.

  • Mr. Habermann is such an enthusiastic and personable teacher he got my interest even though I was lukewarm about the course.

  • Instructor most enthusiastic! Truly a talented pianist.

  • Mr. Habermann was just great. His enthusiasm in his subject spilled over to me and gave me some new insight on the great masters.

  • Mr. Habermann was a delight. Besides being an excellent pianist, his presentation and analysis and comparing various composers was outstanding. His personality was tops. He was very enthusiastic.

  • Thank you so much for the wonderful course you offered our Elderhostelers last week. The one I attended was thorough, accessible, and totally professional. Your course was a hit, and we'd love to have you back.